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Nature and forests

De Jutberg is situated at the edge of the National Park de Veluwezoom. This park was founded in 1930 and is the oldest National Park in the Netherlands. 5000 acres makes this one of the largest connected natural areas in the Netherlands. The highest elevation is 110 metres above sea level. Be amazed by the large forest, heaths and almost dune-like areas. Walk to de Sprengen or go to de Elsberg to view the wildlife. 

On the other side of De Jutberg you will encounter the river de Ijssel. Many birds, water birds, deer, foxes and bunnies can be seen here. Explore this gorgeous area as well as the nearby villages. There are even castles to visit!

The river Ijssel and the river forelands

De Jutberg is a forest camping site, but other than the beautiful Veluwezoom forest there is more to see near our camping grounds. The river Ijssel passes right next to the village of Dieren. Follow the bicycle lanes to the river forelands and take one of the small ferries to reach the other side of the river banks. Drink a cup of coffee in the smallest city of the Netherlands, Bronckhorst or visit the Hanseatic city of Doesburg. 

A boat tour starting in Zutphen is another option, which can be combined with a ride by the steam locomotive of the Veluwse Stoomtrein Maatschappij. The river Ijssel also flows past the Rhederlaag area, where you can spend a day at the (river)beach.

Theme parks and sightseeing

While you definitely don't have to be bored at De Jutberg there are plenty of options away from the camping site, too. Go look at, feed and even touch the monkeys at de Apenheul. You can go on a trip around the world in Burgers Zoo – they have a Bush, Ocean, Desert, Safari and Rimba area! Little ones will appreciate the petting zoo Malkenschoten, which also features a large playground. Feel like going to a theme park? De Julianatoren or het Land van Jan Klaassen might be to your liking. Just around the corner of our camping site we have the unique playground de Speelerij. Recycled material makes up most of the playground. Created by an artist, this is a place for the young crowd but also for those young at heart. In de Uitvinderij, part of de Speelerij park, you can play around (with supervision) with machines, tools and create your own art. 

The active types among us can find things to do with Sportieve Evenementen. Their base is situated in the Veluwezoom national Park and is the starting point for many types of activities. Explore the forest by ATB? Go on a GPS tour or see the area on e-bike or scooter? This is the place to be. More a fan of cultural exploration? We have many museums nearby. Het Nederlands Openluchtmuseum, the famous Kröller Müller museum, de Middelste molen, het Stedelijk museum Zutphen, the mustard museum of Doesburg, Palace het Loo, CODA museum in Apeldoorn... and many more.

Cities and the Hanseatic cities

Vakantiedorp De Jutberg is near some really interesting cities. For shopping Apeldoorn, Zutphen and Arnhem are all worth seeing. With their many cozy city squares you can easily find a good spot to have a drink or eat a bite. Palace het Loo in Apeldoorn is definitely worth a visit. Arnhem, mostly known for the Battle of Arnhem during World War II, is a beautiful city in its own right. The John Frostbridge on the Rhine river and the Airbornemuseum in Oosterbeek remind us of this time in our history.

Interested in fashion? Arnhem's Modekwartier (fashion area) is the place to be for young and hip designers. Zutphen is a beautiful Hanseatic city through which the river Ijssel flows. Navigate the alleys and streets of this city before going for a cup of coffee, lunch or dinner. Fluisterbootjes are small boats with a very quiet electrical engine – a great way to explore this water filled city. The cozy medieval city of Doesburg is also worth seeing!

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